February 7, 2006

I don't heart Rona Ambrose

Okay, she may be the hottest MP this side of Belinda Stronach, but am I the only one worried that Canada's new environment minister, Rona Ambrose, hails from Alberta?

Not to challenge Stephen Harper's cabinet choices — I mean, that wouldn't be my style at all, especially considering the new PM's clear understanding of social issues and the consequences of backwards right-wing thinking (such as pulling Canada out of the Kyoto Protocol and rescinding our boast of being one of only four countries in the world progressive enough to allow same-sex marriage — you know history is going to look well upon those decisions).

Just because she's under 40 and looks good in a pantsuit doesn't mean she's not a beef-slurpin', oil-totin' farmstress from Edmonton. No matter how many Stepford-perfect haircuts she gets, what the hell can an Albertan named Rona possibly know about being green? This is just a little too much like putting a strapping young teacher in charge of the Grade 12 girls' swim team, if you know what I mean.


William Tomkinson said...

Ya, I agree. She is hot, and I am bothered. Unfortunately for me I am not bothered that she is hot I am bothered because she is bothersome.

Oh and:
Hmmmm. Stepford. and
Swim Team? You dirdy birdy.

lumo said...

She is smart, she is a political scientist, she has clear opinions about the economy, environment, and their interplay, and you should be grateful for this minister.

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