April 23, 2008

Props to Rock-Paper-Scissors and Black Dog Video

Other than my lovely wife Nadia (kisses bebe!), two of the biggest helps thus far in putting on this movie screening (Friday May 2 at the Park Theatre, Raiders: The Adaptation, tickets $12 with proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society) have been:

Diana Frances at Rock-Paper-Scissors, a Vancouer-based corporate comedy organization and regular performer at Urban Improv on Monday nights at Chivana Restaurant. I've known her for ages (met her when I previewed A Twisted Christmas Carol for the WestEnder years ago, and she's A-1 in my book, a damned nice woman who is also one of the funniest people I know. Please support live performance!

Melinda Michalak at Black Dog Video, across the street from the Park on Cambie, and also a damned nice woman. I've just met Melinda, but she has jumped on this project with a load of enthusiasm, and given me advice, contacts and energy in an extremely short time. Please support local business!

Props all round for these two amazing people...

April 20, 2008

Raiders: The Adaptation in Vancouver May 2

I'm finding out more and more about event organization -- like, for example, that no one has a Serving it Right certificate AND wants to put their name on a one-day liquor license. Or that they use freakin' WALLPAPER GLUE to put up those posters on construction sites and posting poles downtown. But I digress.

Vancouver blogger and self-professed 'huge, geeky nerd'Shane Birley has nicely upped the show on his blog, Shane's World. It's my experience that the people least likely to actually be huge geeky nerds happen to think they fit that category. A tip of the huge, geeky hat to Shane, and I hope I get to shake his paw at the event.

Shane is a big part of Left Right Minds, a multi-service company dealing providing web development, promotions, consulting and a bunch of other services for businesses and non-profits. The biggest arts name I recognize on their roster is Uzume Taiko, the super-cool drumming group that's been (ahem) making noise the past couple of years.

Thanks again, Shane!

April 9, 2008

Tickets now available online

My Indiana Jones loving friends, now the Raiders: The Adaptation tickets are officially available on the Festival Cinemas website.

May 2, 7 pm, Park Theatre, 3440 Cambie Street. It's for charity! Tickets are $12; if we get more than 200 people, we make money for the folks who fight cancer. 500 is a full house.

Festial Cinemas

Click on the BUY TICKETS tab on the right, and look for Raiders: The Adaptation.

April 8, 2008

Raiders: The Adaptation in Vancouver May 2

Here's the official event poster for the upcoming charity movie screening of Raiders: The Adaptation. Posters should go up around town very soon.

April 2, 2008

Raiders: the Adaptation in Vancouver May 2

Doing my part for the lead up to the new Indiana Jones movie, I'm hosting the Vancouver premier screening of Raiders: The Adaptation -- it's a charity screening to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society, so I hope to have a packed house for the event.

7 pm
May 2, 2008
Park Theatre
3440 Cambie Street

Tickets are $12, and will be available for advance purchase -- let me know if you want to come!

April 1, 2008

There just may be a god after all

Once in a while, a news story warms the cockles of my heart. I rarely wish harm upon anyone, but if anybody deserves to be drenched in hot embers, it's fans of professional wrestling:

40 burned by WrestleMania fireworks