March 25, 2006

Thirsty for Knowledge?

The online magazine The Tyee is the only Canadian media organisation to accredit a reporter at the Fourth World Water Forum in Mexico City. Out of 800 international journalists, former MacLean's editor Chris Wood is the only Canuck -- pretty amazing, considering most of the countries with representation here would like to buy water from us, divert water sources from us, or invade us to have their thirst sated.

He has filed three stories, all of which exhibit something the mainstream media rarely provides: shock, not produced by sensationalism, but by thoughtful presentation of information.

In a Thirsty World, Canada Comes Up Empty
Water: Commodity or Right?
Sinking Cash into Water

March 12, 2006

My friend Kevin

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Kevin, the poor confused lad, has moved to Calgary. One day, I'm sure, he'll recover his wits and move back to Lotusland.

Until then, I can only revel in his lovely photographic skills from afar.

March 11, 2006

El viejo pescador

El viejo pescador
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Surfing flickr today, rediscovered one of the most character-driven faces I've seen.

"The old fisherman" is the literal translation of the photo's title.

March 3, 2006

Promise to self

PEI - Lover's Lane
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Resolution #18 for March 2006:

Walk hand-in-hand along an unpaved, treelined path -- PEI isn't necessary; any province, state or territory will do -- with my lovely wife Nadia.