May 27, 2011

Seven Things: Homecomings, Severed Fingers and Green Babies

"There's a new blog in town, and it aims to be the most obscure little hockey blog around." I know what you're thinking. "Hey, wasn't that a Leonard Cohen song?" And you're right. It was, until we stole it.

Seven Things will always aim low, and probably hit lower. In this, the 28 May 2011 edition, we mock Joe Thornton for severing his finger prior to the playoffs, suggest Zdeno Chara is anathema to modern medicine, and make mouldy sperm jokes about the Green Men. Enjoy.

May 11, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge, Day Two

My Least Favourite Song


I'm sure I could throw just about any death metal, gangsta rap or piece of autotuned shite in at the Day Two position, but I don't really consider those music, ya know? So I'll have to go with an old "classic" that makes me lunge for the radio controls whenever it comes on.

Rod Stewart - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy

No, Rod, no I don't.