September 13, 2006

Life marches on...

... except when it doesn't.

Colour me cynical, but when the doctor's eyes go big when you tell him you've lost more than 10 kilos due to your recent acid reflux attacks, and blinks repeatedly when you report your frequent dizzy spells, you've gotta start thinking, "what if...?"

Hence, I've been focusing on other things than blogging of late. Like finding things to eat that don't make me want to puke until my damned esophagus actually exits my body. Like remaining upright and placing four to eight inches of pocket books under the head of the bed so gravity can help pull the acid back into the stomach. Like learning so much about esophagal anatomy that I feel like I should get back into the sciences after all. Like dropping my Spanish class to reduce stress.

But hey, all that dropped weight has me lookin' pretty dang good in a Speedo.

1 comment:

William said...

I feel it man! I too suffer from the evils of ouch gut.

Some days I start getting the pain before a meal in anticipation of the food that caused it. It is like Pavlov's rabid Dog.