January 23, 2006

Harper is the devil

I've not once been ashamed of being Canadian, until today.

Stephen Harper wants to abolish gay marriage, prohibit women's right to choose, and minimise or eliminate every social program on the books. He thinks Kyoto is a waste of time, plans massive restrictions to immigration and refugee laws, and favours reduction of minimum wages while cutting taxes for corporations.

I'm beyond embarrassed. After years of feeling superior to those idiots in the red states who made Alfred E Newman their president -- twice in a row -- we in Canada just elected our very own George Bush!


jblueafterglow said...

I see your embarrassment and raise you a discombobulated. I've avoided talking politics on my blog, but friends such as you here, and Brad and Rob on their blogs (see my blog's sidebar), have spoken eloquently for me.

William Tomkinson said...

Wow, totally. You know, the thought of a razor thin minority and a privy packed with liberal plutocrats to Gulliverise the righteous-er than thou doesn't fully reassure me. Still, myeh, I'm not too scared. One step out of line and WHACK, the writ is dropped. You KNOW I'm so droppin the writ! Wird.