September 8, 2005

Literally two minutes away...

I'm back from 10 days hiking the West Coast Trail, and am literally two minutes away from starting my first class at UBC since 1990. That's right: fifteen years away from the university experience, and I'm jumping into a *grunt* first year Classical Studies class.

I'm not the oldest in the room. Two or three folks look to be taking advantage of the free tuition for seniors rule; most of the rest are looking very young. Should be interesting, albeit trying at times. I suppose it depends on how much I put the blinders on for others' lack of life experience.

Any way I look at it, it should be interesting to finally look at some classical literature and culture.

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jblueafterglow said...

I've been meaning to ask about you doing the West Coast Trail since seeing it at the top of your 50-book challenge. How was it? I know a few people who have done it and am hoping to do it sometime soon.

I just started UBC too, after transfering from Langara. It's one third year psych class for me..