August 5, 2005

20 minutes into the future...

For some reason I've had Max Headroom on my mind of late.

Anyone know if and when this great sci-fi show (about a short-sighted, mostly evil television station; ironically the real show was cancelled by the short-sighted, mostly evil TV station that commissioned it) will be released on DVD?


Trent said...

You can pick up what look to be highly illegal DVDs of the show at

If, you know you wanted to.

Heyo. Wanted to track you down, because I had a question. You know my name. Just add a .com at the end of it (first and last), and send me an email. Doesn't matter what you put before the @, as long as you put something. May I recommend "Trent" or "mr.ernst" or "Thatguyfromtheop" or "wheretheheckhaveyoubeenallmylife"

I can't find your email address anywhere, so I'm tring this, instead.

trent said...

Also, try limewire.

I meant "trying" btw.

Sam said...

That is one that I've been wondering for a while. It would be cool to see that old show again