September 11, 2004

The Wet Spots

Hit the Fringe last night with some friends -- specifically, saw The Wet Spots, a vaudeville-style duo who sing mostly about sexually oriented topics.


A workout show focusing on Kegels: "we support any exercise you can do while drinking a beer and having a smoke in your local neighbourhood pub!"

Lyrics that are strong throughout the show. Case in point, the ever-popular courtship song, "Do You Take It In The Ass?"

Admittedly, the finale needs a little work -- as a longtime guitar player, John is best-suited to the musical end of things, while Cass' strong vocals are helped by her history in performance poetry, giving her more polish on the acting side -- but it is hard to argue with androgynous blonde afros, bare buttocks and obscene singalongs.

At no time in the years since I met John did I think, "I predict Woodsy will wear a silver thong and tassle pasties, and I will applaud wildly." I was happily not weirded out by the experience.

A good show, check out the website to find a show near you -- they're touring as we speak.

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Briana said...

My goodness that's a HUGE PHOTO. You might want to resize it so it doesn't break your page.

And yeah the show was good.