September 12, 2004

Sometimes capitalism doesn't suck

There's an odd moment, just once in a while, when marketing doesn't inspire the gag reflex. Case in point, the very clever Penguin UK site, Good Booking.

Spoofing the always awkward animal, the men's magazine, Good Bookng offers blokes a thousand pounds if the site's gorgeous blonde -- shown on the site, of course, covered in photography-friendly sweat from a makeup artist's mister -- spots the lucky prizewinner reading the right book in a public place.

Clever use of an awful genre to promote something worthwhile.

Speaking of books, has anyone read Art Spiegelman's ode to 9/11, In The Shadow of No Towers, yet?

1 comment:

Bree said...

I bought it on your recommendation. It's worth reading. You can borrow it if you like.

I also bought Maus, and I'm really enjoying it.