June 6, 2007

Well... Good on the Ducks I guess

It's a sad statement that the last three teams to hoist Lord Stanely's Cup were borne out of Gary Bettman's expansionist greed, employed more marketing guys than they have fans, and, worst of all each one beat a far more entertaining Canadian squad.

That said, you gotta like the fact that a hardass GM like Brian Burke put together 19 Canadian players (the highest ration of Canucks on any NHL roster), and basically pummelled the rest of the league into submission all year long. And no one, but no one, can begrudge a classy guy like Teemu Selanne his sip from the Holy Grail.

Anyone want to join me in a trip to Cranbrook with the Niedermayer boys bring the Cup home to roost this summer?

PS. It's another sad statement that Martin Brodeur has never has his name engraved on the Conn Smyth trophy. I mean, Cam Ward has a playoff MVP honour, but Marty Brodeur doesn't?

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