March 12, 2006

My friend Kevin

Originally uploaded by kev calgary.
Kevin, the poor confused lad, has moved to Calgary. One day, I'm sure, he'll recover his wits and move back to Lotusland.

Until then, I can only revel in his lovely photographic skills from afar.


nd said...

hey teacha :)
how's life going in vancouver??? hope you guys have some warmer weather than we had today. i thought twice before i took my bike to go "downtown"...

besides that life in solothurn is great and i do enjoy it but keep on thinking about vancouver.

have a nice day.

Kevin McConnell said...

Hey Jason, thanks for the nod! I am slowely coming to my senses and realise that I still like Calgary ; ) I miss Vancouver for sure and lots of people. And now for a shamfull plug for my blog in an effort to attract more readership