June 19, 2005

left or right, brain?

Despite my status as a confirmed word nerd, I've been readmitted to UBC based on my ages-old status as a Physics Major. I'm undecided if I should pursue this again, as it would require waking long-dormant parts of the cerebrum. Frankly I went into slight convulsions when I cracked open my old first-year calculus book; should I take this as a challenge or a sign?

Considering my work as an editor, writer and teacher of English, further study in linguistics, language acquisition and pedagogy would probably be better use of my classroom time. On the other hand, there's a little thing called balance...


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Elisa said...

Yes....stay away from the physics :) Stay Away...that stuff can kill ya...didn't even do Einstein any good in the end. :)
j/k...up to you. Hey...I've got a little book to add to your book challenge..."The Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson...I'm reading it right now and am finding it very, very interesting :)..actually if you read it, you may well want to start up doing the physics again...
Much love,