May 30, 2005

Will the circle be unbroken?

First there was Trekkies, a 1997documentary about extreme Star Trek fans. The film was made by Denise Crosby, herself an actor most famous for playing a character on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Now there's The New Voyages, which kinda takes the opposite tack. It's an internet-based series made by fans of the original show, which of course was cancelled after just three seasons before becoming the cult hit that spawned a million badly designed bedrooms. Well, these folks are such big fans, they're making "the fourth season," using uncannily reproduced sets and costumes.

The first couple of scripts are a little rough, but hey, so were the originals! The actors aren't the best in the world, but has anyone ever accused Leonard Nimoy of threatening in an Oscar race?

Anyway, since they webcast the first two episodes, some heavyweights have come on board. The family of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry have given their stamp of approval, and original series writer DC Fontana, who's also done work on Dallas, Bonanza, The Six Million Dollar Man and numerous successful animated series, has agreed to pen an upcoming episode. That has inspired Pavel Chekov himself, Walter Koenig, to join the net series for a guest shot.

I first got the info from this story on the CBC website.

Fan fiction based on a cult TV favourite, written by the original show's writer and featuring one of the original actors.

I'm torn. On one hand, I wonder if I could recreate 80s excess soap operaFalcon Crest to get Mexican-born hottieAna Alicia Ortiz to canoodle with me on camera. On the other, I want to ask, "Old star reused on recycled net-based show. Can an eBay-sold, reconstituted breakfast cereal tie-in be far behind?"

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