April 24, 2005

Gaze, Navel. Navel, Gaze.

Does the realisation that you're mediocre in and of itself raise you above mediocrity? If so, does your initial realisation then become forfeit? If so, does that fact negate your epiphany or raise the philosophical bar even further?

I seem to be a product of sitcoms and movies. Every time there's a problem, I expect others to resolve it in an all-too perfect way. Is it really so wrong to want resolution after 22 minutes and a few commercial breaks?

I don't want to be unreasonable, but I think my friends, family and lovers need better writers.

Me, I need a better director. I think I have good material, and even a little talent; I just can't seem to put the right emotions into the right scenes. A top-flight production team -- props, special effects, hair and wardrobe are all thus far cheap and amateurish -- is definitely in order as well.

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