May 30, 2004

My first blog.



L said...

Hey, I just started a blog today too....and I came across yours and thought, hey, I bet this guy/girl isn't expecting any comments from anyone (yet). hehe. So here's my comment! :) Good luck, from a complete stranger...

L said...

Pleased to meet you Jason :)

Is it wrong that I've written more on your blog than you have? hehe.

To answer your questions...

Yes, many Aussies are over in the land of Canada, helping people in the snow and pulling beers in pubs etc. Lucky them!

Meanwhile, I am stuck here studying Law (nice tie in there with your second question), what do you teach?

L said...

Well, as soon as I posted that last comment, I came back to your blog (yes, funny old word isn't it?) and saw that you'd written something about being an English teacher. Silly me.

So you teach you speak any other languages then?

I don't think I even want to be a lawyer, so no, I'm not money hungry or anything like that!

As for Canadian men and chests/breasts, well I don't think it's a geographical thing, I think men in general just like staring at that part of a woman's anatomy regardless! But I'll take your warnings on board for when I visit Canada (whenever that may be).

By the way, I like the background/template thing you have on your site. As you can see, I'm not exactly au fait with this technical stuff, hence the boring standard type template.

Jeez, I really have a problem with writing too much on here don't I? Now I've even outdone my OWN blog. Seeya 'round Jase! (Can I call you Jase? I think it's an aussie thing...)